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Office 2016 for Mac is Now Aligned with Windows, Android, and iOS

Nov. 29, 2019

Microsoft has announced a new version of office2016 professional plus cd key for Mac that connects this product to versions for Windows, Android and iOS.

Version 16 of Mac Office 2016 is now online! For the first time in more than 20 years, Office has a code base for all platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). Microsoft software developer Erik Schwiebert tweeted. The solid code alignment under the hood, which brings new user features such as real-time collaboration in Word and PPT, more formulas and multiprocess recalibration in Excel, etc.

I am a bit confused about what code base means because it is impossible for these products to be created in their entity with the same code. And I also know that Microsoft, which tried to build Mac Office in Windows Office, was a big problem in the late 1990s. So, it's interesting that things are so advanced that it's possible and desirable today.

I asked Microsoft for an explanation. Meanwhile, it is clear that version 16 of Mac. Office 2016 is an important update that has many features that Office users already benefit from on other platforms.

These are the innovations of Microsoft.

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