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MAGIX Fastcut Key Global

MAGIX Fastcut Key Global

EUR 15.99 EUR 39.99 Earn Up to EUR 1.28 Affiliate Program
Product Type: Office Software
Note: This is a digital product, no box delivery.
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    MAGIX Fastcut lets you edit action-packed videos at high speed – completely automatically and without any previous experience. Directly import your own videos, e.g. via USB cable from your action cam, smartphone or other cams.

    Choose from one of the action-packed templates in the automatic editing mode and let them cut your footage to fit the beat of the music. Or cut custom videos with extreme precision. The automatic image stabilization feature, distortion correction and special editing presets allow you to make your own amazing action films in no time.

    Key features

    Easy-to-use controls: Start the program and you're ready to go

    Movie Wizard for automatic video editing with special action templates such as Surfing and Bike Trip

    Cinema-quality effects: Animated transitions and templates

    Spectacular music: Appropriate for different video lengths

    Proxy video editing optimized for GoPro: Smoothly edit 4K & HD action cam videos

    Automatic image enhancements such as image stabilization and distortion correction with special presets for GoPro

    Audio filter for removing wind noise

    Designed to work with all standard action cams

    Present videos anywhere: On TV, mobile devices or online

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    1. Visit the Download Page
    2. Enter the security code and click "Download" 
    3. Run the installer 
    4. Follow the instruction on the screen.
    5. Start Magix Fastcut 
    6. Enter the code in activation window.


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